About Weng Lieng Trading Sdn Bhd…


“GU CHENG” brand with its 5 main products will definitely suits your taste buds and providing you satisfaction.

Established for 20 years, Weng Lieng is a famous shop located in Kepong specializing in selling food products. Our company is one of the favourite among the residence around the neighbourhood as well as other locations and has always been delivering warm service to the customers. Weng Lieng is always progressing and striving to cater the best food products to customers. We have been doing market research and analysis to know better the needs and wants of our customers. Hence, this will also assist us in developing and searching for new food products for our market.

Weng Lieng has a breakthrough from the traditional dried seafood shop way of business. We make sure to provide the best for our customers. Our range of products includes convenience food products, which are also known as canned food. We sell products at a reasonable price, having understanding of our customers’ budget.  Weng Lieng is not just a shop but also operates as a local wholesaler and distributors for retail shops. Our best known own manufactured brands are Benmart and “Gu Loong”.

According to the manager of Weng Lieng, the company carries a wide range of products which are imported from various countries. According to Mandy, the company’s current success is due to their hardwork and continuous effort to expand the company’s business.

Own Brand

Breakthrough from the traditional and old fashioned mini market, Weng Lieng has developed its own products by understanding customers’ preferences. Our company keeps moving forward and developing together with the current trend. We also import products from various countries because we believe in providing more choices for the customers. Not only that, Weng Lieng is also into manufacturing own brand of products and they are very acceptable and well known in the market. Benmart and “GU CHENG” are the two brands own by our company. The popular canned food products manufactured under these two brands are “GU CHENG” luncheon meat, stew pork, ham, Siew Heng wine, White rice wine, straw mushroom, button mushroom, wheat instant noodles and a variety more.

Weng Lieng has over 20 years experienced in the industry, specializing not only in retail but also as wholesaler and distributor. Our company also caters to restaurants. There are weekly stock distributions to our clients at various locations and also intake of new stock to our company. This ensures the freshness of our food products without keeping them too long on shelves.